Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jan. & Feb. B-Days @ MawMaw & PawPaws

On the Simmons side of the Family we try to celebrate Birthdays every couple of months. This get-together was to celebrate January & February Birthdays! Alan & Debbie in Jan. & Jake in Feb. We got a wonderful surprise at this family gathering... Cassidie, Kelsie, & Ashton came down from Arkansas to spend the day with us!

The guys took advantage of a 4 Generation picture! PawPaw Bob, PawPaw, Alan, & Brett!
We also got the Grandkids together for a pic! Kelsie, Baby Cole, Brett, Emma, & Ashton!
Cassidie, Kelsie, & Ashton... SURPRISE!
Emma and Brett! You think we can climb that tree?
PawPaw Bob & MawMaw Simmons :)

Ashton holding Baby Cole :)

Yup!!! We CAN climb the tree!! With some help from Uncle Chad ;) Ashton, Brett, Kelsie, & Emma!!

Another attack! Jake attacks Alan... Brett attacks Jake... Ashton jumps on top!!

Ok, this is funny... Check out the shoes... Ashton, Brett, & Emma went into MawMaw's closet & found her shoes all by themselves! They came running into the living room like this! Hilarious ;)

These kids are too much. I wish the Arkansas gang was closer :(

Just Some Pics of Brett & Emma

This was no special occasion... just hanging out at MawMaw & PawPaw Simmons house. I just thought these were some cute pics of Brett & his cousin Emma! :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

"Get up"

I was sitting on the bar stool at Aunt Julia's house Saturday and we were all eating lunch. Well, Brett decided he wanted to sit were I was. So here's the conversation:

Brett: Mommy I sit there.
Mommy: Okay Bub, what do you say?
Brett: (very serious) GET UP!

I about fell out off of the stool after that... I was laughing so hard. I was expecting my sweet little boy to say PLEASE! At least he's honest... right?

Beatrix Leigh Williams

Valentine's Day morning our niece Beatrix Leigh Williams arrived 2-14-09 at 1:50AM 8 lbs 6 ozs! My step-sister Elizabeth and her boyfriend Christian had a very exciting Valentine's!

Isn't she adorable?!?! Lots of hair :)
Granddad and B :)

Grammy and B :)
They had a long night in Austin! But everybody is doing well and recovering just fine :) Welcome home Baby B!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a very relaxed V-Day this year :) Brett and I woke up before Alan and I saw that I had a beautiful Pink Rose, cards, a box of chocolate, a James Avery bag, and 2 little puppies sitting on the kitchen table. I let Alan sleep a little bit longer while Brett and I started the coffee and making breakfast! We had waffles with strawberries and bananas and bacon. It was yummy! After we got done eating I opened my gifts from Alan and Brett. I got a beautiful heart charm for my charm bracelet! It's perfect!! Brett got me a little Dalmatian puppy and he got himself a brown and white puppy. When you squeeze the hinny of the puppy the cheeks light up and it says "I wov you!" So cute! Alan said that in the store Brett told him, "I get this one for Mommy and this one for Brett." That's why we have 2! Alan also let Brett pick out his card to me... It's Mickey Mouse ;) Which doesn't surprise me... Brett loves Mouse!

For dinner we went to Pappasito's! (And the whole time I was praying that work wouldn't call me in.) That is my favorite restaurant ever!! It was awesome! Alan and I ate the special which was chicken and beef fajitas for two, 6 shrimp brochette, a lobster tail, and 4 chocolate covered strawberries for dessert!!! Brett ate cheese quesadillas and a whole cup of salsa (haha)! Wow we were so full :) We had to take the dessert home with us ;)
My little silly boy!

He loves balloons!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

10 weeks Preggo!

Here is my baby bump at 10 weeks preggo! I feel like I have started to show sooner with this one than with Brett. I am feeling good though finally & will keep you updated as the weeks go by! I can't wait to find out if it's a BOY or GIRL!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I am the BIGGEST Blog Loser!!

So, I have finally updated our blog!!! It had been since Brett's birthday (Novemeber), so you will have to go pretty far back now to start from the beginning! We have just been crazy around here, but I know that it is no excuse. I have named myself The BIGGEST Blog Loser! Hopefully I will regain my enthusiasm and keep you up to date now!!!

Baby David Cole Spurlock

Our nephew David Cole Spurlock (Cole) was born January 27th (Alan's B-Day)! He was 10 lbs 1 oz 21 inches long!! He is a doll :) Brett is going to love having another boy around!

Amy & Cole :)
The Spurlock Family! Amy, Chad, Emma & Cole!

Uncle Alan, Cousin Brett, & Cole :)

Aunt Jaclyn, Cousin Brett, & Cole :) Brett was the sweetest and just so gentle with Cole! He was so concerned that Baby Cole's feet were dirty... from the ink from the foot prints!
Aunt Jaclyn & Baby Cole! He loves me already :)

Baby Simmons #2 is on the way!

As most of you already know, Alan & I are expecting Baby #2!!!
I was actually pregnant before the Christmas Holidays, but didn't find out until Tuesday December 30th! My due date is September 9, 2009. I am now 10weeks and getting better with the sickness. It was not good for a while. I was never sick with Brett, so this was all new to me. I will hopefully be posting some pics soon of the baby bump :) Yes, I am already showing! They say you show quicker with the 2nd one and that everything seems to happen sooner. We will see I guess! :)
Brett is doing super awesome with the news! He says one day he wants a sister and the next day he says he wants a brother!! I think he will be happy to have a playmate either way ;) We tell him all the time that he is going to be such a good big brother!
I can't wait to find out weather it's a girl or boy! Either way, I will be happy. Alan, on the other hand, wants a girl really bad! I went to the OB doctor for the 1st time Feb 2nd and she said everything looks text book so far!!! I even got to see it's little heart beat on the sono machine :) 160 beats per minute! Seeing the new baby just takes my breath away!

Brett's Bo-Bo

The Friday night we flew in from Chicago we were unpacking and cleaning up the house a little bit. Well, Brett being the MONKEY that he is was climbing on the computer chair and fell off the side of it right onto the coffee table and busted his lip open. I freaked out... blood was pouring. For some reason, you would think I would be able to handle Brett's blood because I see gross stuff all day at the hospital, but I got sick and poor Alan had to take charge. We didn't take him for stitches or anything, we probably should have, but I hate when people bring their kids into the ER for stupid stuff. So needless to say, in all of the following pics Brett has a gash above his lip. Perfect for holiday pictures, but what do you do... he is a true BOY!

Christmas at MawMaw & PawPaw Simmons!

Saturday morning after we got back from Chicago we had Christmas at MawMaw & PawPaw Simmons house! We always have so much fun over there! Alan's whole family was able to be there! MawMaw & PawPaw Simmons, Nana & PawPaw Simmons, Mimi Pate, Aunt Julia, Uncle Van, & Jake, Cassidie, Robert, Kelsie, & Ashton, Tiffany & Chad, Amy, Chad, & Emma, & Joni! Our tradition is the Chinese Gift Exchange with the adults and presents for all the little ones! If you could imagine the mass ciaos under one roof :) We ate and ate and ate all day... oh and played games ;)

Brett on his Radio Flyer Bike!
My Boy is growing up!

If that isn't the cutest!

The Grandkids! Ashton, Kelsie, Brett & Emma. By next year there will be 2 more!!

Brett & his Farm House! He loves animals!!

Emma, Brett & Ashton!

There is always war going on when the big kids and little kids get together ;) Jake tackles Alan... Kelsie sits on Jake... Brett climbs to top! Ashton wasn't too far behind...

The whole fall out!! Hilarious! I think Ashton & Brett are still tackling Jake :)

Christmas at Nana & PawPaw Simmons!

Sunday morning after Christmas at MawMaw & PawPaw Simmons we headed up to Nana & PawPaw Simmons for our Christmas there! Here we still had a house full! Nana & PawPaw, Us, Cassidie, Robert, Kelsie, & Ashton, Chad & Tiffany & Mimi Pate! We ate and played games and ended the night looking at Christmas lights!

Brett & Ashton playing Dominoes! Or not really... just building things with the Dominoes!

You never really know with these two ;)

Kelsie & Ashton!

Brett, looking like he is about to attack Ashton...

Brett playing Santa and passing out the presents! He is such a big helper :)

Lounging in his new chair! :)

Brett being a silly boy :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Christmas at Home!

We didn't celebrate our Christmas with Brett until we got home from Chicago. That was ok with him though! By this time he was ready to open presents every morning ;) The 3 of us just played and had a great time together!

Brett checking out the presents!
He got a Tee-Ball set and a real Golf set! He is our little sports player!!

He used the Play-Doh for drums!

Christmas in Chicago!

The Sunday before Christmas Alan, Brett, and I flew out to Chicago to visit my Aunt Sue, Uncle Jeff, Grandma Willie, Aunt Cindy, Uncle Jerry, and cousins Kim and Amber for the whole week! Wow!! It was amazing :) We had so much fun doing nothing and just visiting with our family. We literally left the house 3 times... 1) All the girls went to get pampered together 2) The whole family went out to eat together in Naperville on Christmas Eve and 3) To go back to the airport to fly home. We played Wii a lot, ate a lot, talked a lot, and watched movies a lot!!

This is Aunt Sue & Uncle Jeff's House! How beautiful! Check out the snow around the mailbox!
This was one of the days it snowed all day and really hard!

Brett and Aunt Sue playing the piano! We have a natural talent everyone! ;) Grandma Willie (who Brett calls MawMaw Willie) kept telling Brett "You are hurting my ears!" So then when MawMaw Willie would play, Brett was quick to tell her right back "MawMaw Willie you hurt Brett's ears!"

Uncle Jeff teaching Brett how to play the Wii! You should see that boy swing at Wii Baseball... Uncle Jeff will probably take the credit when Brett goes to the Major League! ;)

One day we got to go out and enjoy the snow!! It was tons of fun!! We sled down a hill right behind the house! Alan and Brett before getting crazy!

My snow bunny! :)

He loved it!

Ok, so I'm not that good...

Mommy and Brett! He didn't really like the sledding idea very much.

We tried though! Doesn't he just look adorable? I love this pic!!

Cousin Amber and Brett liked to play "Bump- Bump" down the stairs! They were hilarious to watch:) Down and up, down and up!

I probably made 3 snow angels... This one is pretty good... huh?!?!?! I think I had the most fun ;)

No wait... Alan probably did! Hahaha... You should have seen his face!

Family pic Christmas morning :) Brett says CHEEEEESE!

The infamous DICE! This is now Brett's favorite toy! Aunt Sue has had these dice around her house for many many years and this was the only thing Brett had to have every 5 minutes to play with! She sent us home with them! Thanks Aunt Sue ;)

Brett playing the piano! Oh and cheese-balling it!!

The whole gang out to eat Christmas Eve night!

Daddy and Brett :)

Mommy and Brett :)

MawMaw Willie and Brett :)

Aunt Sue and Brett :) That's some good pizza huh guys?!?!

Aunt Cindy and Brett :)

The lovely Wilma Hagen :) She was so happy to have the family together!