Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brett's 2nd Birthday Party!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Brett! Isn't that the cutest cake?!?!

Birthday Boy & his Cake!

Nana with Brett & cousin Emma!


Brett Sliding down for the 1st time! Emma is waiting at the top! He always went backwards, on his tummy, & feet 1st. ;)

Emma sliding for the 1st time!

Brett loved us singing Happy Birthday to him!! He calls his cake "Happy Cake!

Our Birthday Boy having a BLAST!!

Brett Climbing up the Bounce House Slide! So much FUN!!

Brett & Daddy sliding & being crazy! ;) (I love this pic!)

Brett's Birthday Party was such a BLAST! We held it at our house & rented a huge Bounce House with a 9ft. slide attached to it! Once Brett saw that, it was over... He went crazy!!! All the kids were so fun to watch :) I think some of the adults had fun on it also!! It was so good to hang out with our friends & family & get all the kids together!

Brett's Birthday at the Allison's

Brett opening B-Day Presents!

Grandad & Brett!

Brett trying to sneak some Birthday Train Cake Grammy made!

Grammy & Brett ~ He finally gets to take a bite!

Brett had a Birthday Breakfast Party at Grandad & Grammy's house while we were down in Houston! Some of the family was still in town from my Grandma's Party so they got to come & celebrate Brett's 2nd Birthday!

Grandma Jeanne's B-day in Houston

The whole family!

Brett loves balloons! We tied it to his elephant so he could take it outside :)
Alan, Brett, & I went down to Houston for my Grandma Jeanne's 80th Birthday Party. It was held at very delicious mexican food resturant in League City. YUMMY... I was ready for some really good mexican food :) All of my Dad's side of the family was there & it was good to catch up with everyone!

Deer Lease

Brett driving the Ranger!

"Hold me up, PawPaw Bob"!
Brett driving PawPaw's 4-wheeler!

Brett & PawPaw going for a ride around camp!

Brett fell asleep after we went for a ride around the lease.
Brett & I went to our Deer Lease in Splendora (near Conroe) after we left Desiree's house Halloween weekend. Alan, PawPaw, & PawPaw Bob were already down there & were ready to show off their little boy!! Brett loves the Deer Lease! He thinks, the dirtier he is, the BETTER! Of course Mommy thinks otherwise, but what do you do... I have a wild boy! All he wanted to do was feed the deer & count their horns!!! So, we took him for a ride on the Ranger to one of the stands & he brought corn with him :) He held that corn so tight in his little hand & would not let it go until he fell asleep on the way back. And even then I think he was still holding it.

Zoo Day

Brett watching the Tiger!
Kendyl Paige!
Aidyn & Brett having a deep conversation!
Brett loving the Lions!!
The kids loving thier drums!
Saturday, after Halloween, Me, Brett, Desiree, Aidyn, Kendyl, Tami, Sharon, & Brady all went to the Houston Zoo. We had a blast!! The kids loved all the animals! Brett's favorite was the Lions, the Giraffs, & the Elephants! Before we left I bought him a book called Goodnight Zoo & the drum you see in the picture above. Just know that we can not live without that book now. We have to read it every night before bed or Mommy is in trouble!!!

Halloween in Houston

For Halloween Brett & I went to Desiree's house in Tomball for trick-or-treating & fun! Brett was Batman! Aidyn was Batgirl! Kendyl was a Duck! They were all so cute & had a blast trick-or-treating!! Brett finally got the hang of taking his bucket to the door & getting candy from strangers. Before long he would get the candy & then run into the person's house... of course there I am "Excuse me, my kid just went into your house". Most of them replied, "Oh it's ok, he can just stay here" jokingly. At one house he ran right up the people's stairs. Des had to run in after him & he was already at the top before she could catch him. Crazy boy!! Brett & Aidyn were so funny, they would just scream "BATMAAAAAN"! They were hilarious & probaby had too much candy by the end of the night!!!

Our Pumpkin

Brett & I carved a pumpkin together this year while Alan was at the Deer Lease. I hate that Alan missed out, but I was really proud of myself for carving such an awesome pumpkin! Since Brett was going to be Batman for Halloween, I decided we needed a Batman Pumpkin!! It turned out so cute!! Don't you think? Brett just though it was the coolest thing ever! He even got his hands dirty in the pumpkin seeds ;)