Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Today Alan, Brett, Cami (our lab), and I went to a pumpkin patch near Fort Worth. What a day! Brett is at that age now where he does not want to sit still for pictures. We managed to get a few good ones but the bounce house's just looked like too much fun, he could not resist.

Brett found the pumpkin that he wanted! Such a hard decision...

Brett & Mommy in the Pumpkin Patch!

Brett & Cami!

Brett sliding down one of the bounce house slides! He was right in the middle of all the BIG kids! They sure didn't stop him... of course Mommy was a little worried they were going to run her BABY over, but Brett didn't!!

Daddy, Brett, & Cami checking out everything ;)

Brett with the Nemo characters!

Brett driving the tractor with Cami in the back! "Come on Cami! I better drive!"

Brett with 101 Dalmatians!

Our little farmer!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Texas Longhorns biggest fans!!

We had some of our friends over and cooked out for the Texas vs. Oklahoma game Saturday!!!!

Brett and Hudson!

Brett & Hattie bouncing!

Brett taking advantage of the slide all to himself! Brett had a blast with the other kids! Brett is 2 in November, Hattie is 2 in April, Cade is 2 in May, Hudson is 1 in March & Tatum is only 3 weeks old! We had a house full fun & the fact that Texas won made it even better!!!!


We took Brett to the Texas State Fair for the 1st time this past week & he absolutely loved it!! We ate Corney dogs, Funnel cakes, & Sausage-on-a-stick! We had such a BLAST!!

We played games & won prizes! Brett told Daddy how to win..."Daddy, dribble, dribble, shot!" And what do you know... IT WORKED!

Mommy & Brett rode the Caterpillar roller-coaster! Every time we got to a certain turn Brett yelled out, "Hi Daddy!".

The Carousel was Brett's favorite though! We rode it a couple of times!! :) Fair Day was so much fun, but we were all worn out at the end of the day. Good thing it is only once a year ;)