Monday, April 27, 2009

Lake House with The Markham Family!

This past weekend we went to Lake Travis with our friends Desiree and Ryan and their 2 kids Aidyn and Kendyl! We had such a blast with them and I think the kids had an even better time :) I grew up with Desiree and we have been Best Friends since the 3rd Grade!! It is so crazy to see the 2 of us all grown up and with children. It's one of those things we always talked about growing up, but we never thought we would get that "old"!

Aidyn (2 months older) & Brett saying "CHEESE"
Aidyn posing! She loves having her picture taken :)

The kids played in these cars the whole time :) They raced back & forth on the porch all day!

Bumper Cars!!

Kendyl trying to get a ride in :)

Sweet sweet Kendyl :)
Desiree and Jaclyn BFF 4 EVA ;)

Brett checking out the Deer! He & Aidyn threw out Deer Corn for them so they would come eat & they sure did, lots of them!! He just loved them :)

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